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Web Design and Development

This Web Design has been created by Zoe Utting using WordPress. This website is fully responsive to work on a range of devices such as Phone, Tablets, Laptops and Desktops. I have been working towards getting a Computing and IT degree where I have been learning HTML,  CSS, PHP & Javascript. I also have experience with the web design and development process as I freelance with a local Agency based in Suffolk. I have experience with shopify aswell as WordPress.

Below is some other examples of websites I have worked on.cLICB

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Experience & Previous Projects


2017- Learning HTML & CSS

Oct. 2017- Started Open University Degree

Oct. 2019- Created Majorettes Direct

Feb. 2020- Started Freelancing with Wiro Agency

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Apr. 2020- Created Zoe Utting Portfolio Site

Jun. 2020- Beyond One Bar

Aug. 2020- CMA Events

Oct. 2020- Internship with Techarge

Jan. 2021- Front End Developer with Techarge

Jul. 2021- Ropey Crafts

Aug. 2021- Hand Crafted By Angela

Feb. 2022- Harvest House Weddings