Branding & Logos

I have created Branding and Logos to suit a range of different companies from Event Designers to Majorette Dance troupes.Branding and Logos of your company is so important as this representation of your brand. It then becomes a recognised symbol to your clients and audience.

Before creating any logo I like to meet with a company representative to discuss what the company is about and what feel they want for their branding.  For instance,when speaking to the owner of CMA Events she wanted a logo that represented the flowers and natural decorations she provides for events. When thinking of flowers you associate all flowers with the leaves and stems. This is why the colour she chose a sage green for her logo and branding. When discussing the logo further she wanted this concept to be incorporated throughout their logo so I designed the vines to wrap around the each of Companies Main Letters.

Want to Know More About the Logo Design Process?

I have a online blog where I write about the logo design process for all my branding and logo projects

“From the initial meeting, I developed 20 initial ideas to get a feel of what she style wanted for the logo. I experimented with a range of styles such as soft and bold fonts as well as experimenting with Sage green colour. I then met with the owner for a second time to show her the designs in person and we discussed the different concepts. From this discussion she picked the Verdana Pro Regular Font which is a google font so be easily used for her website later on.  Her favourite of the designs was where vines wrap around the letters…..”