My Open University Experience in Computing IT and Design

Once I finished Sixth Form in 2016 like most people at that age I was unsure what I wanted to be and what career path I wanted to take. I always knew that Computers would be a massive part of my career choice, but I never knew in what capacity. For a year roughly I looked at a range of possible avenues from graphic design to web development deciding which of these met my interests.

After exploring, I knew I needed a combination of Creativity and Technology as I enjoyed both equally. This is where I came across the Open University. I always felt that traditional brick universities were not for me as I enjoyed living in Felixstowe as my family were based here and there were no local universities that catered to my needs. The Open University offered a range of courses which interested me and I loved the idea of being able to fit the education around me and my needs.Ā  I started the BSc (Honours) Computing & IT and Design Course In October 2017, starting part-time which meant it would roughly take me 6 years overall. I decided part-time was the best fit for me as I also wanted to work whilst studying.

The Course

BSc (Honours) Computing & IT and Design Requires you to complete three Stages. Each stage would roughly take Two Years to complete

  • Stage 1,Ā  two 30-credit computing & IT modules and one 60-credit design module.
  • Stage 2, two 30-credit modules from a choice of computing & IT focus areas and one 60-credit design module.
  • Stage 3, one 30-credit computing & IT module, study two 30-credit design modules and complete a 30-credit computing & IT project module.

Stage 1

First Year

For my first stage, I started with the Computing Side of the Degree Introduction to Computing and Information Technology 1(TM111) which was followed by Introduction to computing and information technology 2 (TM112)

I found both of these courses to be excellent in explaining computing and technology whilst evaluating yourself and your journey.Ā  I particularly loved how they introduced scripting and how they used Computer Marked assessments (CMA) to help you assess your learning even If I did have to make several attempts to get a respectable score.

Second Year

For My Second Year and the Second Half of Stage 1, I started the Design portion of my degree with Design thinking: creativity for the 21st century (U101).

I found this course really difficult to get into at first, especially with some of the activities and exploring chair design. Towards the end of the course, I did have a love towards the CompediumDSĀ  Software as I found it really helped me to lay out and explain my ideas visually.

Stage 2

Third Year

Starting my Stage 2 and The third year of Open University, I followed the Web Development route which required Object-oriented Java programming (M250) and Web technologies (TT284)

For me, M250 was a difficult module as I had no real experience of Java and Object Programming. This meant it required me to carry out a lot more outside reading to fully get my head around what the module wanted and what Java was about. I did feel the OU did explain this module really well and I loved the hands-on approach as this made me realise I had a love for programming.

TT284 was one of my favourite OU modules to date as it was well structured and it helped me find my love of Web technologies. Again, it took on a Hands-on approach which really helped the knowledge sink in.

Fourth Year

Stage 3

Fifth Year

Sixth Year

My Experience as a whole

Overall, The Open University was a great way to find out more about web development whilst working around me and my needs. I found many of the tutors really helped me stay motivated and inspired. The Internship program is also exceptional in helping to gain real-world experience in your chosen field.

I happily Finished my Course in June 2023 with a First Class Honours. If you want to ask me any further questions please message me at info@zoeutting.